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Why work at Canada Medical Group Pakistan?

At Canada Medical Group Pakistan, we are all about patient care and servicing excellence. As our company continues to grow, so does our need for qualified, dedicated professionals who wish to join our team. There are currently many different positions available.
You can apply for any of the following positions by sending a resume to or by completing the section below.

At Canada Medical Group Pakistan, employees must:
– Represent CMGP as an innovative and ethical company whose mandate is to respond accurately to the needs of patients and of the medical community.
– Ensure a professional image is projected at all times to cardiologists, physicians and patients.
– Act as a role model for the CMG leadership standards, values, behaviours, code of conduct and best commercial practices.
At CMGP, we are committed to diversity and equitable access to employment opportunities based on ability. All personnel, whose job functions require they work with CMGP Data Center and/or have access to patient medical records, are subject to a Personnel Security Screening.

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